Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paintings by Lizardo Art: Gray Areas::Gray Area Heart

image of gray white painting heart lizardo artGray Areas by Lizardo Art

For my newest paintings, available for sale here, I used white enamel for my hearts and then used one of my favorite techniques to add texture. These paintings are small, 8" x 10" and there are three in this series so far.

image of gray white painting heart lizardo art
Gray Area Heart by Lizardo Art

For some reason, graffiti fascinates me. Especially in places where nothing is done to control it and everything you see has some kind of tag. The idea of tagging, covering it up, tagging it again and that continuing cycle inspired the aesthetic behind these works.


itslikeart said...

beautiful! your paintings are lovely :)

Lizardo Art said...

Thank you!

Bri said...

I like the colors, and they have tons of texture. Nice work!