Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy New Year from Lizardo Art's almost the end of 2008. I have no regrets. I've learned so much about myself. I'm starting to see a side of myself that I thought had completely gone away. I am feeling ambitious again. I am passionate about my art and my business. I really need that in my life.

I am looking forward to 2009. I am turning 30 in six months and I am actually excited about that. First of all, because I am celebrating my birthday in Vegas. How fun is that? And second, because I have always thought that I would be smarter when I turned 30. I'll let you how that goes...LOL

I hope everyone has a really happy new year!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Etsy Finds: Weekend Deals

This has been a crazy weekend. I am featured in Etsy's Weekend Deals, two treasuries and I have my own first treasury. All of this promoting is paying off!

Take a look at the Treasuries I am in...


Can We Sell Today????

This is the treasury I created!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How To Display Small Artwork

How to Display Small Artwork by Lizardo
How to Display Small Artwork

I love small paintings! They offer a versatility. It's easy to move a small painting from one room to another. They're also easy to collect.

The question do you display small artwork? Well, there are multiple options. I've always loved to see groupings of different sizes of paintings. Of course it helps to have some kind of theme. For me, the theme is earth tones and I gathered several works to enhance this theme.
Anyone can hang a large painting over a sofa or a bed. I think that having groupings of smaller paintings in an entry way or a hallyway adds dimension and interest in your home. Why not have something interesting to look at in unexpected places? I even hang art in my bathroom!

I have always loved is seeing several small paintings on a shelf or a ledge...just kind of propped up there. Gives an eclectic modern look to a room.

Are you stuck in a cubicle all day? Why not frame a small work of art to look at while you make phone calls? Look at it to refresh your mind while you work on a report!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How To Be Creative

Tip of the Week:

I know this sounds kind of crazy but it has worked for me on more than one occasion!
If you are stuck:

Try to do you worst work possible! Just for a little while. See what happens. I'm not asking you to be a bad artist. I'm just telling you a little trick I use to get the creative juices flowing.
Art is a process, not just an outcome. Allow all the work to flow...the good and the bad...and you will be rewarded. I know I have been.
When I use this, it takes the pressure off of me to create 'the best painting ever!' and lets me be who I am...someone that likes to experiment with colors and textures and techniques. I learn a lot more from being willing to fail than I do from only choosing things I have been successful at.

Mica, Original Abstract Art by Lizardo

I love this painting now but it started out pretty bad! I mean, really bad. I felt like crap just looking at it. But now it has a level of depth that I really appreciate.

So what are you waiting for? Why not pull out an old canvas that wasn't working anyway and see if you can paint the worst possible painting in the world? You may be suprised at the outcome!

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Friday, December 5, 2008

New Original Painting, Tips for Choosing Furniture and Art

Original Abstract Art by Lizardo Painting Just A Little Longer Series Original Abstract Art by Lizardo

Just a Little Longer Series

I couldn't stay away! I have had this painting finished for a few days now and I had to list it. It is part of my Just a Little Longer Series. Initially, this began as a short series of ACEO's and now I have moved on to painting the larger works.

As usual, this painting started very structured and then I got tired of it and 'deconstructed' it. Hope you enjoy!
A Good Reason to Buy Original Art
Pretty much everyone I know shops at IKEA. And pretty much everyone they know shops there too. I know because every time I go there is a huge crowd of people. I like IKEA because it is affordable and I can get the basic designs that I want for my house.
There is only one problem...
Everyone has the same furniture as me. How many thousands of people have the MALM bed?
I like to be unique. How do I do this?
Original art. The good news is that you can find original art that is very affordable and much cooler than any print you will find at IKEA. (Not knocking them, just saying!)
Art completes a room and gives is a different feel based on what you choose. My 'thing' has been earth tones with a tiny bit of red. It makes the room feel warm and the textures are interesting to look at.
Will my art ever be worth thousands of dollars? I have no idea. Have I enjoyed looking at my art every day? Yes. I think that's what should be sought after in art.
The reason I started painting was to have something original on my walls. I read a magazine with some ideas and then got started. Once I started, I never stopped. My home has the luxury of rotating art all the time. Every time I finish something new, we change up the art and it's a lot of fun.
Choosing Furniture and Art
I may not be an official expert (yet) but I do know what has worked for me. Choose furniture that is modern, simple and basic. I think black leather couches (not the cheesy kind!!!!) or white/cream colored couches (not leather) work really well. It's easy to change out accesories. Use your pillows, art, vases, candles etc... to play with colors.
When choosing art, look for things you like. Don't worry about trying to pick good art or bad art. Don't try to predict trends. It should be personal. Don't like price be the decided factor either. Price does not make art good or bad. Just go with your instincts. Choose what you like and you won't go wrong.
One Last Tip
Look for paintings that have the sides painted. Then you can just hang them on your wall without a frame. It looks clean and modern.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Final exams are fast approaching so I'll be taking a short break. Wish me luck!

Of course you can still shop in my store!

I am looking forward to having a break from school, getting some new work posted and blogging about all the fun I am having :)

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Etsy Tip

Listing on Etsy
I have written my listings in a word processor document so that I can copy and paste the basics of each listing. After that I fill in the remaining information such as Title or Dimensions. This is especially nice for something like ACEO where the dimension is always the same.
Plus, it ensures that I do not leave out information that I want to include in every listing.
My Etsy Experience So Far...
I am having a lot of fun with Etsy. I have learned so much from hanging out in the forums and joining teams. (I make a real effort to avoid threads that have a negative vibe to them.) I would rather focus on the things that I can do rather than complain about things I have no control over.
I love how helpful people are. I am learning how to bring traffic to my site and to my blog. I think this experience will help me in other areas of my life too.
Gripes About My Job...LOL
I bartend in a hotel that caters to large conventions, mostly corporate type people. I am soooo spoiled! Until now...hahaha. We have a Christmas event that lasts all month long and people come from all over the area to attend. Well....these are not my business travelers and they are driving me crazy after one day!
I know that people want to get out and see things and brings their kids but come on! Do you really have to be this difficult? Kids aren't even allowed in the area that I work but people want to order all kinds of things from me and then try to get me to serve them out in the area they are allowed to be. I know they are trying to avoid the 2 hour wait in the dining area. I get that. However, making me serve you outside of the busy area I am already working just makes it bad for everyone. No one gets good service. That is why they have sections in the restaurant and don't allow kids in the bar. I know that this applies to no one reading this blog but GIVE ME A BREAK PLEASE!!!
Okay...I feel better now. Ha ha ha!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Lately I have been working out the kinks of opening an online business. I think I am getting it down...developing my own process and things like that. I feel patient, which is quite unusual for me. I can see that it takes time to come up in search engines and for people to see me. That is my goal right now. Letting as many people see me as possible.

Soooo....I am sure that a few things will change here and there while I get the kinks worked out.


I am expanding in a new direction with my work. That is the point to me. Expansion. Not even perfection. Just expansion. This one started out with more structure than any of my others. I started with grid and then worked my way from there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cathedral ACEO

original aceo abstract painting cathedral
I have been experimenting with some transfer techniques this week and finally ended up using the original picture for a mixed media ACEO. LOL. I like the results though. It looks pretty cool. The photo is one that I took in the cathedral at Duke University.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New ACEO, how to display ACEO's

Original ACEO Abstract Painting Art Aqua by Lizardo, 2008.

This is one of my recent favorites. It reminds me of this dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore one time. I think the dress was a turquoise color and she had red shoes. Something like that. Or I made it up and created a painting from my mixed up mind. LOL. Either way, I love this one because of the colors and I love the texture on the red part. It's pretty cool.
What do I do with an ACEO?
I found some frames that fit ACEO's perfectly at Target. It is just simple and black and about $2. I think it looks interesting to have a bunch of small paintings framed on a mantel or a shelf and the ACEO's give it a little more interest. I kept making them and thinking, what the hell is anyone going to do with them? As much as I love to make them, I don't see the point in putting them in a baseball card type book. Either way...if I were to be stuck in a boring cubicle, I would put these on my desk. For now, I have them on the fireplace.

Monday, November 17, 2008

New ACEO's

I am becoming obsessed with ACEO's. They're fun to create and fun to have. No worrying about whether or not the painting matches the furniture. You can just have them for the pleasure of looking. And they are a low risk way to 'get to know' an artist. Or you can hang them if you wish. I've always liked grouping smaller paintings together. Or groups of different sized paintings on a ledge.

Red Stripe, 2008.

Blizzard, 2008.

TMI about my life...

I just took a killer accounting test that I didn't study enough for. Story of my life. ;) I tried to be responsible and put everything in my calender but I should have put a reminder for a little bit longer in advance. Oh, well. The semester is almost over and another lesson learned. I am convinced that college has nothing to do with the subject you are studying.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where Am I Going With This

original art lizardo This is one of my favorites! (Well, right now...until the next one. LOL) I have been playing with different techniques and now I am starting to get the effect that I want. If you saw what I was doing in the beginning, you would have no idea it would turn out like this. I had no idea it would turn out like this but it just came together today.

When I paint I like to work on several at once. Mainly because I like to do something while I wait for it to dry and jumping around between paintings keeps me from getting blocked. If something isn't standing out, I move on to the next and then keep hopping around until something gets done. It works for me. It wasn't a good process when I had a design class and had to work on a single thing in the classroom. But when you are painting out of a garage, it's great. LOL

Tonight is wierd because I am home alone and just hanging out. It's kind of nice actually. I am trying to watch 30 Rock because Tina Fey is in it and she was hilarious as Sarah Palin. I don't really like to sit and watch TV though so I am kind of listening. Sounds like it could be funny. I'll probably never know.

I have some new techniques that I am ready to try. I have been wanting to play with transfers for a while now and I have been gathering some images that I want to use. The Cathedral at Duke University inspired me so much. It is so gothic and huge and detailed. There is a dark feeling there but not a bad one. I can imagine it could be quite creepy at night. Anyway...I want to use some of those images. Don't know how it will work but that is what makes it fun, right?

This painting is available in my etsy shop. Stop in and take a look!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

North Carolina

Hi everyone! Just got back from North Carolina. It's very pretty and nothing like Texas which made it interesting. I have not experienced the fall changing colors before. It was beautiful!!

We visited Duke University. ( I had no idea it was in NC, lol) and that was amazing too. I wish my school looked like that! I might be more interested. Hmmm... probly not.

The thing I like the most is visiting a new place and finding out for myself if it is worth the visit. So, yes it is worth the visit in the fall. Other times...not so sure. The cathedral is something everyone should see. work coming soon!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Original ACEO

original aceo lizardo painting

original aceo Lizardo painting
I am having a lot of fun with these ACEO's. This is my second batch and all of them are inspiring me to create in larger formats. It's fun having a way to sketch out some idea's and play with colors and I like the size. They're cute!!!
This is from my new series called Just a Little Longer. I am about to be a senior in college (Yeah!) and I can feel the impatience starting to build. This is what I keep telling myself when I feel overwhelmed and impatient. "Just a little longer..."
Thanks for looking! Talk to you soon!
Right now all of my ACEO's are available on etsy. More coming!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Original Abstract Art by Lizardo

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have this thing lately for tiny, little paintings. Maybe it is the economy since everything seems to be scaling down. Even Starbucks.

It's pretty easy to display these works. Just put them in a picture frame. I am currently using black ones from IKEA - nice and simple. They look good in groups. I think it is nice to put art in unexpected places.

This is one of a series of small works with heavy texture. I am calling it the Landscape Series. I know it is not the typical greens and pretty trees and all but I kind of see it as a topical view. Maybe the red is like a tornado warning. I don't know. This is exactly why I don't analyze my art. The last few sentences made absolutely no senses. I call it the Landscape series because that is what I thought of when I did the texture. So there. :)
This painting is available in my eBay store.
Take care!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

About Me and Art

I have decided to start offering my art work online and this blog will keep readers informed of what is going on in my life. I think that is probably the best way to gain more understanding of my art, if anyone wants to gain understanding. For me, I just enjoy looking at it. I enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them.

My life is pretty normal. I am going to school for accounting (don't ask! lol) and I bartend part time at a really nice hotel (not naming any names.) I like to go to concerts, go out to eat and attend art events. I really like going to see art on nights when they keep the museum open late and make it into a party of some kind. I'd rather go then when you can be a little louder and talk to your friends and generally have fun while looking at art.

My art is mostly about my curiosity. I like to find new ways of adding texture to my paintings...the more the better. I like playing with colors and I like using several shades of the same color in a single painting.

Enough about me for