Saturday, November 29, 2008

Etsy Tip

Listing on Etsy
I have written my listings in a word processor document so that I can copy and paste the basics of each listing. After that I fill in the remaining information such as Title or Dimensions. This is especially nice for something like ACEO where the dimension is always the same.
Plus, it ensures that I do not leave out information that I want to include in every listing.
My Etsy Experience So Far...
I am having a lot of fun with Etsy. I have learned so much from hanging out in the forums and joining teams. (I make a real effort to avoid threads that have a negative vibe to them.) I would rather focus on the things that I can do rather than complain about things I have no control over.
I love how helpful people are. I am learning how to bring traffic to my site and to my blog. I think this experience will help me in other areas of my life too.
Gripes About My Job...LOL
I bartend in a hotel that caters to large conventions, mostly corporate type people. I am soooo spoiled! Until now...hahaha. We have a Christmas event that lasts all month long and people come from all over the area to attend. Well....these are not my business travelers and they are driving me crazy after one day!
I know that people want to get out and see things and brings their kids but come on! Do you really have to be this difficult? Kids aren't even allowed in the area that I work but people want to order all kinds of things from me and then try to get me to serve them out in the area they are allowed to be. I know they are trying to avoid the 2 hour wait in the dining area. I get that. However, making me serve you outside of the busy area I am already working just makes it bad for everyone. No one gets good service. That is why they have sections in the restaurant and don't allow kids in the bar. I know that this applies to no one reading this blog but GIVE ME A BREAK PLEASE!!!
Okay...I feel better now. Ha ha ha!


Jay Neale III said...

People are reading. At least I am. And I am following your blog so it will show up on mine.

This is one way we're supposed to help each other in DSG and I think it works. I know the readership on my blog has risen because I have gotten comments and e-mails about it from people I don't know.

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Hello! Thanks for your kind words on the ETSY VAST TEAM blog. They are a helpful team so true. I am rather new there myself. Best Wishes...on all accounts

Lizardo said...

Thanks ya'll!