Monday, November 17, 2008

New ACEO's

I am becoming obsessed with ACEO's. They're fun to create and fun to have. No worrying about whether or not the painting matches the furniture. You can just have them for the pleasure of looking. And they are a low risk way to 'get to know' an artist. Or you can hang them if you wish. I've always liked grouping smaller paintings together. Or groups of different sized paintings on a ledge.

Red Stripe, 2008.

Blizzard, 2008.

TMI about my life...

I just took a killer accounting test that I didn't study enough for. Story of my life. ;) I tried to be responsible and put everything in my calender but I should have put a reminder for a little bit longer in advance. Oh, well. The semester is almost over and another lesson learned. I am convinced that college has nothing to do with the subject you are studying.

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