Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How To Be Creative

Tip of the Week:

I know this sounds kind of crazy but it has worked for me on more than one occasion!
If you are stuck:

Try to do you worst work possible! Just for a little while. See what happens. I'm not asking you to be a bad artist. I'm just telling you a little trick I use to get the creative juices flowing.
Art is a process, not just an outcome. Allow all the work to flow...the good and the bad...and you will be rewarded. I know I have been.
When I use this, it takes the pressure off of me to create 'the best painting ever!' and lets me be who I am...someone that likes to experiment with colors and textures and techniques. I learn a lot more from being willing to fail than I do from only choosing things I have been successful at.

Mica, Original Abstract Art by Lizardo

I love this painting now but it started out pretty bad! I mean, really bad. I felt like crap just looking at it. But now it has a level of depth that I really appreciate.

So what are you waiting for? Why not pull out an old canvas that wasn't working anyway and see if you can paint the worst possible painting in the world? You may be suprised at the outcome!

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