Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How To Display Small Artwork

How to Display Small Artwork by Lizardo
How to Display Small Artwork

I love small paintings! They offer a versatility. It's easy to move a small painting from one room to another. They're also easy to collect.

The question do you display small artwork? Well, there are multiple options. I've always loved to see groupings of different sizes of paintings. Of course it helps to have some kind of theme. For me, the theme is earth tones and I gathered several works to enhance this theme.
Anyone can hang a large painting over a sofa or a bed. I think that having groupings of smaller paintings in an entry way or a hallyway adds dimension and interest in your home. Why not have something interesting to look at in unexpected places? I even hang art in my bathroom!

I have always loved is seeing several small paintings on a shelf or a ledge...just kind of propped up there. Gives an eclectic modern look to a room.

Are you stuck in a cubicle all day? Why not frame a small work of art to look at while you make phone calls? Look at it to refresh your mind while you work on a report!

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