Friday, December 5, 2008

New Original Painting, Tips for Choosing Furniture and Art

Original Abstract Art by Lizardo Painting Just A Little Longer Series Original Abstract Art by Lizardo

Just a Little Longer Series

I couldn't stay away! I have had this painting finished for a few days now and I had to list it. It is part of my Just a Little Longer Series. Initially, this began as a short series of ACEO's and now I have moved on to painting the larger works.

As usual, this painting started very structured and then I got tired of it and 'deconstructed' it. Hope you enjoy!
A Good Reason to Buy Original Art
Pretty much everyone I know shops at IKEA. And pretty much everyone they know shops there too. I know because every time I go there is a huge crowd of people. I like IKEA because it is affordable and I can get the basic designs that I want for my house.
There is only one problem...
Everyone has the same furniture as me. How many thousands of people have the MALM bed?
I like to be unique. How do I do this?
Original art. The good news is that you can find original art that is very affordable and much cooler than any print you will find at IKEA. (Not knocking them, just saying!)
Art completes a room and gives is a different feel based on what you choose. My 'thing' has been earth tones with a tiny bit of red. It makes the room feel warm and the textures are interesting to look at.
Will my art ever be worth thousands of dollars? I have no idea. Have I enjoyed looking at my art every day? Yes. I think that's what should be sought after in art.
The reason I started painting was to have something original on my walls. I read a magazine with some ideas and then got started. Once I started, I never stopped. My home has the luxury of rotating art all the time. Every time I finish something new, we change up the art and it's a lot of fun.
Choosing Furniture and Art
I may not be an official expert (yet) but I do know what has worked for me. Choose furniture that is modern, simple and basic. I think black leather couches (not the cheesy kind!!!!) or white/cream colored couches (not leather) work really well. It's easy to change out accesories. Use your pillows, art, vases, candles etc... to play with colors.
When choosing art, look for things you like. Don't worry about trying to pick good art or bad art. Don't try to predict trends. It should be personal. Don't like price be the decided factor either. Price does not make art good or bad. Just go with your instincts. Choose what you like and you won't go wrong.
One Last Tip
Look for paintings that have the sides painted. Then you can just hang them on your wall without a frame. It looks clean and modern.

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