Friday, February 6, 2009

How To Use MySpace

How Do I Use MySpace For My Business?
I have made sales from MySpace and you can too. The key to this is letting it happen organically. How do you do something like this? Where do you start?
Add the right people.
I started by adding all of the galleries in my area. Every one, little and small. They send announcements of shows and calls for artists. It's a good way to get to know the gallery too. You will see what types of work they typically show and know if you are a fit or not.
This is how you find the galleries, for example. Everyone will be different. I try to add anyone organization that has shows or opportunities for me to meet other artists or show my work. I like to attend events and this is one way that I find out about them.
When you find a gallery, scan through their friends to look for more galleries or organizations. If you see an artist and like them, add them but tell them that you like thier work in the notes. They'll appreciate that.
Post pictures of what you do.
If you post the pictures, they will show up in the feed of what is going on. Then maybe, a bulletin or post in the blog section. But no need to advertise every five minutes that you have a painting. It gets annoying.
Also, be personal. MySpace and sites like this are a chance for people to see you as a person behind the art. Etsy is business. If someone is on your MySpace they are looking for clues about the real you. So post pictures of what you are doing in life too. You don't have to post 80 vacation pics but let people see who you are.
Make connections in person.
Whenever I am in an art show, I always make friends with the other artists on MySpace. If they post something I like, I comment. This is a great way to keep a business connection going. It's a two-way street. If you have an opportunity, why not share it with the other artists you know. They will do the same for you, most of time. A lot of artists will post information about openings and calls for artists.
Invite your MySpace friends to your openings.
It's amazing what people will come out of the woodwork to see a gallery show. At least one person I haven't seen in years shows up to every opening. Send out the invite. Make them feel special. It's nice to see the widespread support of others around you. It's also less scary when you see a familiar face or two at your shows.
So there you have it. This is how I use MySpace and Facebook to support my art.

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