Friday, February 13, 2009

Abandoned: Original ACEO by Lizardo...The Story Behind It.

Abandoned Original ACEO LizardoArt It's funny how I think I am creating things because I am just playing with colors and texture, then something deeper will pop out at me. It always happens backwards this way. I never paint my emotions on purpose but I do paint them.
Ben always makes fun of my titles. He asked me if I felt abandoned and I said no...that I was thinking of an old abandoned building I saw when I was driving. This is true. I was thinking of that when I created Abandoned.
Then, it occured to me that I do actually feel quite abandoned. By people...yes. But worst of all myself. That is the worst too. Because in the end, it really is all about me.
I think a lot of people do this. It's easy to get caught up in all the things that people want you to do for them. And then you wake up wondering...what about me? I have been very naive to think that if you do more for people,they will turn around and do more for you. This is so not true.
I am not suggesting that we not do things for each other. I am suggesting that we take a look and see we are really doing the things we want to be doing. People love to help each other. But when it gets to the point where you feel you are missing out on aspects of your life that you enjoy, it's time to take a step back.
So, there is the story behind the art. Thanks for looking!


Jeb said...

This one is really cool!

kimberly said...

Hi there, you've got some cool pictures, I'm new at this networking, so I'm sorry if I'm writing this in the wrong spot. Do you have a website? I clicked on the one that i thought and tried to send an email, but it took me somewhere else.

Lizardo Art said...

You can click on the pictures to the right and it takes you directly to my Etsy shop. :)