Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Following A Hunch

An interesting thing happened to me today. I was out at Hobby Lobby looking at thier sale items and I just got a hunch. You know what I have this feeling but no scientific evidence to back it up. Well, I have been looking for a particular item for a long time now and have had no success. I use it for creating texture in my paintings and it is my favorite texture ever. I originally found it at a sewing store. Hobby Lobby has a sewing department and I always look to see if it has suddenly appeared there.

So...I am walking around looking at things, not really knowing where I am going. I start heading towards the homecoming section. I thought for sure I was crazy but I went anyway. I thought I might find something comparable but lo and behold....My item is sitting there on the shelf, cut exactly the way that I need it and on clearance. Hell yeah!

Moral of the story...follow your gut instinct....sometimes it leads you to good things.

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