Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview and Inspirational Story

I just did my first inText Colorterview. (That was fun to say. I think I might just say it again.) Jay Neale III from jn3 Hand Crafted Woodworks at Etsy interviewed me for his blog. Thanks Jay! Check out the interview and also be sure to check out his shop!

So, I am thinking my next series of paintings is going to be called space. Because that is what I am feeling right now. A huge amount of space. I am the type that needs some space but I don't like to have too much. I guess we all have our limits. I think it will be a great series.

I am not sure why I am complaining about having too much space. On Tuesday morning I start school again and there will be no space and I will be complaining about that. You can't win with me! LOL

I am looking forward to my classes this semester. At first I wasn't because there were some issues with registration and a lot of classes were gone by the time I got there. But now that I look at it, I think I ended up in the perfect classes. Sometimes life has a way of guiding you.

I hope my sister doesn't mind but I want to tell her story. It's pretty cool!

Okay, she's been wanting to move to a certain city for quite a while now. Got her diploma, started sending out her resume and everything but no leads. The company she worked for went out of business last week so she decided to take the trip to the new city. Some of her leads had told her that they would interview her if she could come in person.

So she's taking the big step, gets to the airport and does the whole security thing. Well..someone in line with her had the exact same model of laptop as she does. I'm sure you can guess where this is going. She takes this guy's laptop to her city and he takes hers to another city. Funny, they were sitting in the same terminal for two hours or something.

You would think this would be pretty awful...

Somehow during the whole FedEx involved laptop exchange, he ends up asking her why she flew there in the first place. She tells him she is going to look for a job because she is moving there. They talk a little more and he actually ends up forwarding her resume to some of his contacts and she gets more interviews. Go sis!!!!

Just wanted to share. I wish I could convey her excitement. It was pretty awesome.

I have to go but I hope everyone is having a great week!

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Karen said...

The interview was pretty awesome! call me later I need to tell you about my roommate I met this week!